how to get spice conan exiles

In the game Conan Exiles, spice is an important resource that can be used for various purposes, such as crafting and cooking. There are different types of spice in the game, including Salt, and Saffron. Here’s how you can obtain spice in Conan Exiles:

  1. Salt:
    • Salt can be harvested from salt flats: You can find salt flats in various locations across the Exiled Lands. Look for white, rocky areas with salt deposits.
    • Use a Pick or Pickaxe: Equip a pick or pickaxe, approach the salt deposit, and interact with it to gather salt.
  2. Saffron:
    • Harvest Saffron Flowers: Saffron can be obtained by harvesting saffron flowers. These flowers are usually found in grassy areas or near water sources.
  3. Spice as Loot:
    • Sometimes, you may find spice as loot in chests, from defeated enemies, or in various containers throughout the game world. Keep an eye out for these opportunities.
  4. Trade:
    • In some versions of Conan Exiles or on certain servers, you may be able to obtain spice through trading with other players or NPCs. Check if trading is enabled in your game.
  5. Farming:
    • You can set up a base with planters and grow saffron flowers, which can be harvested for saffron spice. This requires the Seeds of the Saffron plant and some farming knowledge.
  6. Crafting:
    • Some recipes in the game allow you to craft spice from other ingredients. Check your crafting recipes to see if there are any that involve spice production.

Remember that the availability of spice and the methods to obtain it can vary depending on the server settings and mods you are using in Conan Exiles. Be sure to explore the game world, gather resources, and engage in various activities to acquire the spice you need for your crafting and cooking endeavors.

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