how to get voidwalker deepwoken

In the game “Deepwoken,” the Voidwalker is a powerful class that you can obtain and play as. To get the Voidwalker class in Deepwoken, you’ll need to follow certain in-game requirements and complete specific tasks. Here’s how you can obtain the Voidwalker class:

  1. Reach the Required Level:
    • In Deepwoken, classes are typically unlocked when your character reaches a specific level. Ensure that your character has reached the required level to unlock the Voidwalker class. Level requirements can vary based on game updates and balancing changes, so check the in-game information or community resources for the most up-to-date level requirement.
  2. Earn In-Game Currency:
    • Often, unlocking a new class in Deepwoken requires you to earn a certain amount of in-game currency, such as gold or gems. Ensure that you have accumulated the necessary currency to purchase or unlock the Voidwalker class.
  3. Visit the Class Trainer:
    • Classes in Deepwoken are usually unlocked through class trainers or NPCs (non-player characters) found in the game world. Locate the class trainer associated with the Voidwalker class. They may be located in specific towns or areas within the game.
  4. Complete Quests or Challenges:
    • Class trainers often require you to complete quests, challenges, or tasks related to the class you want to unlock. These quests may involve defeating certain enemies, obtaining specific items, or mastering particular abilities. Follow the trainer’s instructions and complete these requirements.
  5. Pay the Unlocking Fee:
    • In some cases, you may need to pay an unlocking fee to obtain the Voidwalker class. Use the in-game currency you’ve earned to pay for the class. Make sure you have enough currency to cover the cost.
  6. Select the Voidwalker Class:
    • Once you’ve met all the requirements and satisfied the class trainer’s conditions, you should be able to select the Voidwalker class for your character. This may involve a dialogue or menu option where you choose your class.
  7. Customize Your Character:
    • After selecting the Voidwalker class, you may have the opportunity to customize your character’s appearance and abilities based on the class. Experiment with different skills and playstyles to make the most of the Voidwalker class.
  8. Start Playing as a Voidwalker:
    • Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the Voidwalker class. Now, you can play as a Voidwalker in Deepwoken and explore the game world with its unique abilities and characteristics.

Please note that game mechanics and requirements in Deepwoken may change with updates and patches. Always refer to in-game information, developer announcements, or community resources for the most accurate and up-to-date information on how to unlock the Voidwalker class or any other class in the game.

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