how to get steel rlcraft

In the RLcraft modpack for Minecraft, obtaining steel is a multi-step process, and it’s a valuable resource for crafting better equipment and tools. To get steel in RLcraft, follow these steps:

  1. Mine Iron Ore:
    • First, you need to obtain iron ore. Iron ore can be found underground in caves and mines. Mine iron ore blocks using a pickaxe. Each iron ore block drops an iron nugget when broken.
  2. Smelt Iron Nuggets:
    • To turn iron nuggets into iron ingots, you need to smelt them in a furnace or a similar smelting device. You can do this by placing iron nuggets in the fuel slot and iron ore in the ingredient slot of a furnace.
  3. Craft Iron Ingots into Iron Plates:
    • In RLcraft, you need to craft iron ingots into iron plates. Place the iron ingots in your crafting grid in a 2×2 pattern to create iron plates. Each iron ingot will yield one iron plate.
  4. Create a Bloomery:
    • A bloomery is a special furnace used to create steel in RLcraft. To make one, you’ll need 4 cobblestones and 4 iron plates. Arrange them in a 3×3 pattern in your crafting grid, leaving the center space empty. This will create a bloomery block.
  5. Smelt Iron Plates in the Bloomery:
    • Place the bloomery in your game world and right-click on it to open its interface. Add iron plates to the bloomery’s input slots and fuel (such as wood) to the fuel slot. The bloomery will convert the iron plates into steel ingots over time.
  6. Collect Steel Ingots:
    • Once the bloomery has completed the smelting process, collect the steel ingots from the bloomery’s output slot. These steel ingots can be used to craft various steel items, such as weapons, tools, and armor.
  7. Craft Steel Equipment:
    • Use the steel ingots you’ve obtained to craft steel equipment in your crafting table. You can make swords, pickaxes, shovels, axes, and other tools, as well as armor and other useful items.

Please note that RLcraft is a challenging modpack for Minecraft, and the process for obtaining steel can be complex. Additionally, it’s essential to have proper resources and tools, as well as knowledge of RLcraft’s unique mechanics, to succeed in the game. Be prepared for a tough and rewarding adventure!

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