how to get sulfur in astroneer

sulfur was not a resource in Astroneer. Astroneer is a dynamic game with updates and changes introduced over time, so it’s possible that sulfur or other new resources have been added to the game in more recent updates or patches. To obtain sulfur or any other resource, you should follow these general steps:

  1. Stay Informed: Check the official Astroneer website, patch notes, or developer announcements to stay informed about the latest updates, changes, and new resources introduced to the game. These sources often provide information about new content.
  2. Explore Planets: Astroneer features various planets, each with its unique resources and biomes. Explore different planets to discover resources, including any new ones like sulfur that may have been added in updates.
  3. Use Terrain Tool: The Terrain Tool is your primary tool for collecting resources in Astroneer. Use it to dig into the ground or terrain and uncover hidden resources.
  4. Collect Resources: Once you’ve located sulfur or any other resource, use the Terrain Tool to mine or collect it. Resources are typically found in the form of nodes or deposits in the terrain.
  5. Store Resources: Store collected resources in your backpack or on a storage platform on your base or vehicle. Proper storage helps you keep track of your resources and use them for crafting and building.
  6. Craft and Trade: In Astroneer, you can use resources to craft items, equipment, and structures. Sulfur, if it exists in the game, might be used for specific crafting recipes. Additionally, you can trade resources at the Trade Platform to obtain other resources you may need.
  7. Stay Safe: While exploring for resources, be mindful of hazards and environmental conditions on each planet. Always carry enough oxygen and power to ensure your survival during your mining expeditions.
  8. Keep Your Base Efficient: As you gather resources, consider upgrading and expanding your base to become more efficient at resource collection and processing. Researching new technologies can also help you in your quest for resources.

Please note that game mechanics and resource availability can change with updates and patches. Therefore, for the most accurate and up-to-date information on how to obtain sulfur or any other resource in Astroneer, it’s essential to refer to in-game resources, official game channels, and the Astroneer community.

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