how to get to weiss osrs

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Weiss is a location in the game that is part of the “The Tale of the Muspah” quest. To access Weiss, you need to complete certain steps of the quest. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get to Weiss in OSRS:

  1. Start the Quest:
    • To begin your journey to Weiss, you first need to start “The Tale of the Muspah” quest. You can start this quest by speaking to the Frightened Jailer, who is located in the jailhouse in Rellekka. Rellekka is a town in the Fremennik Province in the northern part of the game map.
  2. Complete Quest Objectives:
    • Follow the quest storyline by completing the objectives provided. “The Tale of the Muspah” is a relatively straightforward quest that involves traveling to various locations and interacting with NPCs.
  3. Accessing Weiss:
    • As you progress through the quest, you’ll eventually reach the point where you need to access Weiss. Weiss is an icy area located underground, and you’ll need to use the special enchanted key you receive during the quest to open a gate that leads there.
  4. Use the Enchanted Key:
    • When you reach the gate to Weiss, use the enchanted key on the gate to unlock it. This will grant you access to Weiss.
  5. Explore Weiss:
    • Once you’re inside Weiss, you can explore the area and complete the quest’s objectives. Be prepared for combat encounters and puzzles as you progress through the quest.
  6. Complete the Quest:
    • Continue following the quest storyline and completing the required tasks in Weiss until you finish “The Tale of the Muspah” quest.
  7. Return to Rellekka:
    • After completing the quest, you can return to Rellekka to wrap up the quest and receive your rewards.

Please note that accessing Weiss is specific to the “The Tale of the Muspah” quest. It’s not a freely accessible location in the game, so you’ll need to follow the quest’s storyline to reach Weiss. Additionally, ensure that you have the necessary quest requirements and items before starting the quest to make the process smoother.

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