how to get to wintertusk

In the online game “Wizard101,” Wintertusk is a world or area that is accessible once you reach a certain point in the game’s storyline. To get to Wintertusk, follow these steps:

  1. Reach Level 40:
    • In order to access Wintertusk, your character must be at least level 40. Make sure your wizard has reached this level before attempting to enter the new area.
  2. Complete Grizzleheim:
    • Before gaining access to Wintertusk, you must have completed the Grizzleheim world. Grizzleheim is the precursor world to Wintertusk and contains the initial quests that lead to Wintertusk. Ensure that you have completed all the main quests in Grizzleheim.
  3. Accept the Quest “A New World”:
    • After completing Grizzleheim, you will receive a quest called “A New World” from Merle Ambrose, the headmaster of Ravenwood School of Magic. This quest serves as an introduction to Wintertusk.
  4. Travel to Northguard:
    • Begin the quest by talking to Merle Ambrose and accepting “A New World.” The quest will direct you to Northguard, a location in Grizzleheim. Follow the quest markers and instructions to reach Northguard.
  5. Speak to Sif Shadowhunter:
    • In Northguard, you’ll need to locate and speak to Sif Shadowhunter, a key character who will guide you to Wintertusk. She will give you the quest “The King of Winter.”
  6. Enter Wintertusk:
    • Follow the quest objectives provided by Sif Shadowhunter. These objectives will eventually lead you to a gateway to Wintertusk. Enter the gateway to access the new world.
  7. Explore Wintertusk:
    • Once you’re in Wintertusk, you can explore the new world, complete quests, engage in battles, and discover the storyline unique to this area.

Wintertusk offers a continuation of the Grizzleheim storyline and provides new challenges and adventures for your wizard character. Make sure to follow the quest lines and complete the tasks in Wintertusk to progress through the world and enjoy its content.

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