how to get trolling motor up when string breaks

If the pull string on your trolling motor breaks, it can be challenging to raise the motor out of the water, especially if it’s a manual or hand-operated trolling motor. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to raise the trolling motor when the string breaks:

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Pliers or a vice grip
  • A strong piece of cord or rope (about 3-4 feet long)


  1. Ensure Safety:
    • Before attempting any repairs, ensure that you are wearing appropriate safety gear, and if you’re on a boat, make sure you’re wearing a life jacket. Safety should always be a top priority.
  2. Disconnect Power:
    • If your trolling motor is electric, ensure that it’s disconnected from the power source to prevent accidental activation.
  3. Access the Mechanism:
    • Locate the part of the trolling motor where the pull string is attached. This is typically near the base of the motor, where it attaches to the boat.
  4. Grip the Remaining String:
    • Use pliers or a vice grip to firmly grip the remaining broken end of the pull string. If it’s too short to grip with pliers, use the strongest grip you can achieve.
  5. Attach a Replacement Rope:
    • Take your piece of cord or rope and tie it securely to the end of the broken pull string that you’re gripping with the pliers. Ensure that the knot is strong and won’t come loose.
  6. Pull to Raise the Motor:
    • With the replacement cord securely tied to the broken string, pull on the cord firmly and steadily to raise the trolling motor. The tension on the cord should allow you to manually lift the motor.
  7. Secure the Motor:
    • Once the motor is in the desired position (out of the water), secure it in place using any locking mechanisms or brackets provided by your trolling motor’s design.
  8. Repair or Replace the Pull String:
    • After safely raising the trolling motor, you can work on repairing or replacing the pull string. Depending on the type of trolling motor, this may involve disassembling part of the motor to access the string mechanism.
  9. Test the Motor:
    • Before using the trolling motor again, ensure that the repaired or replaced pull string is functioning correctly by testing the motor’s operation.

Please note that the process of repairing or replacing the pull string may vary depending on the specific make and model of your trolling motor. Consult your trolling motor’s user manual or seek professional assistance if you’re unsure about the repair process or if the motor is under warranty.

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