how to get squirrels out of your garage

Getting squirrels out of your garage can be a common problem, but it can be resolved using a few effective and humane methods. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Identify Entry Points:
    • Inspect your garage thoroughly to find the openings through which squirrels are entering. Look for gaps, holes, or cracks in the walls, doors, windows, or roof.
  2. Seal Entry Points:
    • Close off all identified entry points with materials that are secure and squirrel-proof. Use wire mesh, steel wool, caulk, or weatherstripping to block these openings. Pay attention to small gaps or holes, as squirrels can squeeze through surprisingly small spaces.
  3. Use Deterrents:
    • Install bright lighting in your garage, as squirrels prefer dark, quiet spaces. Leaving the lights on at night can make the garage less attractive to them.
    • Play a loud radio or use a noise-making device to create a noisy environment inside the garage, which can discourage squirrels from staying.
  4. Remove Attractants:
    • Remove any sources of food, such as birdseed, pet food, or garbage, from your garage. Squirrels are often drawn to places where they can find food.
  5. Use Scent Deterrents:
    • Squirrels are sensitive to certain odors. You can try placing mothballs, used cat litter, or commercial squirrel repellents in the garage to deter them. Replace or refresh these deterrents as needed.
  6. Use Live Traps:
    • Live traps can be an effective way to capture squirrels without causing them harm. Bait the traps with items like peanut butter, nuts, or sunflower seeds, and place them in the areas where you’ve seen squirrel activity. Check the traps regularly and release the captured squirrels far from your property.
  7. Monitor and Repeat if Necessary:
    • Keep an eye on your garage to ensure that no more squirrels are entering. If you continue to see squirrel activity, inspect the garage for new entry points and seal them as needed.
  8. Consider Professional Help:
    • If you are unable to resolve the squirrel issue on your own or if the problem persists, consider hiring a professional wildlife removal service. They can safely and effectively remove the squirrels from your garage.

Remember to be patient, as it may take some time to successfully remove squirrels from your garage. Additionally, always prioritize humane methods and avoid using lethal traps or poisons, as these can be harmful to both squirrels and other wildlife.

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