how to get sturdy fossils in terraria

In Terraria, sturdy fossils are a crafting material used to create various items and decorations. You can obtain sturdy fossils by following these steps:

  1. Explore Underground Deserts: Sturdy fossils are primarily found in the Underground Desert biome, which is a biome located underground and typically deeper than the surface desert. You can recognize the Underground Desert by its unique background and the presence of cactus-like plants and fossils.
  2. Equip a Good Pickaxe: To mine sturdy fossils, you’ll need a pickaxe with adequate power. Early-game pickaxes may struggle to break the fossils efficiently, so consider using stronger ones as you progress in the game.
  3. Mine Fossils: In the Underground Desert, you’ll come across fossil blocks that contain sturdy fossils. Use your pickaxe to mine these blocks, and they will drop sturdy fossils as items in your inventory.
  4. Collect Fossils: Keep exploring the Underground Desert and mining fossil blocks until you have collected as many sturdy fossils as you need. It may take some time and effort, as fossils are not always abundant.
  5. Use Fossils: Once you have gathered sturdy fossils, you can use them at various crafting stations to create different items. Some of the items you can craft with sturdy fossils include decorative furniture and the Amber Staff.

Remember that the Underground Desert can be a hazardous place, so be prepared for encounters with hostile creatures and bring appropriate gear, weapons, and healing items. Additionally, it’s a good idea to bring a light source, as it can be quite dark in the Underground Desert biome.

Sturdy fossils are valuable crafting materials, and you’ll likely need them for various projects as you progress in Terraria. So, keep exploring, mining, and collecting them as you delve deeper into the game’s underground biomes.

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