how to get to thieves den w101

In the online multiplayer game “Wizard101,” the Thieves’ Den is a hidden location where you can complete various side quests and battle enemies. It’s located in the Pirate101-themed area of Skull Island. To get to the Thieves’ Den in Wizard101, follow these steps:

  1. Quest Progression:
    • To access the Thieves’ Den, you must progress through the main storyline quests in Pirate101. Your character will first enter Skull Island during these quests.
  2. Skull Island:
    • Continue playing through the Pirate101 storyline in Wizard101 until you reach Skull Island. This will involve traveling through various worlds and completing quests.
  3. Thieves’ Den Access Quest:
    • As you progress through the Pirate101 storyline, you will eventually receive a quest that directs you to the Thieves’ Den. Follow the quest objectives and storyline to gain access to the Thieves’ Den.
  4. Complete the Required Tasks:
    • The quest to access the Thieves’ Den may involve completing specific tasks, defeating certain enemies, or gathering particular items. Follow the quest markers and objectives to fulfill these requirements.
  5. Enter the Thieves’ Den:
    • Once you’ve completed the necessary tasks and objectives, you will be granted access to the Thieves’ Den. Follow the quest markers to enter the Thieves’ Den and begin exploring the area.

Please note that accessing the Thieves’ Den is part of the game’s storyline progression, so you will naturally reach this location as you continue to play through the Pirate101-themed content in Wizard101. If you’re having trouble finding the Thieves’ Den, review your current quests and storyline progression to ensure you are following the correct path.

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