how to get true diable jambe aopg

It seems you are referring to “True Diable Jambe,” which is a special ability used by Sanji, a character in the popular anime and manga series “One Piece.” Diable Jambe is a powerful technique in which Sanji heats up his leg using friction and turns it into a fiery weapon. The “True Diable Jambe” is an advanced form of this technique. In the series, this ability represents Sanji’s mastery of the technique and his increased strength.

there were no specific steps or methods mentioned in the series for obtaining the “True Diable Jambe.” Instead, it is portrayed as a result of Sanji’s intense training and determination to become stronger.

To understand how Sanji achieves the “True Diable Jambe” in the “One Piece” series, you may want to follow the storyline and character development in the manga or anime. Keep in mind that the series may have progressed since my last update, so you may want to check the latest episodes or chapters for any new developments regarding Sanji’s abilities and techniques.

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