how to get ungated for nike on amazon

Gating, or getting approval to sell certain brands or products on Amazon, can be a complex process, especially for well-known brands like Nike. Amazon has strict rules and requirements for selling Nike products, and obtaining approval may be challenging. Here are some general steps you can take to increase your chances of getting ungated for Nike on Amazon:

  1. Set Up a Professional Amazon Seller Account:
    • To start, you need a professional seller account on Amazon. Ensure your account information is accurate and up to date.
  2. Build a Strong Selling History:
    • Amazon often requires sellers to have a history of successful sales on the platform before they can apply to sell restricted brands like Nike. Focus on selling products from other brands to build a positive track record.
  3. Source Legitimate Nike Products:
    • Purchase Nike products directly from authorized distributors or wholesalers. Make sure your supply chain is legitimate and reputable. Selling counterfeit or unauthorized products can result in a permanent ban from Amazon.
  4. Maintain High Seller Metrics:
    • Keep your seller metrics in good standing. This includes factors like order defect rate, late shipment rate, and pre-fulfillment cancel rate. Strive for excellent customer service.
  5. Apply for Approval:
    • Once you have a solid track record and a legitimate source for Nike products, you can apply for approval to sell Nike on Amazon. You can do this through your Seller Central account.
  6. Provide Required Documentation:
    • Amazon may request documentation, such as invoices or letters of authorization, to verify your relationship with Nike or your supplier. Ensure you have the necessary paperwork ready to submit.
  7. Demonstrate Expertise:
    • Highlight your knowledge and expertise in selling athletic and sportswear products. Provide any relevant certifications or industry experience.
  8. Wait for a Response:
    • After submitting your application and documentation, you’ll need to wait for Amazon’s decision. This can take some time, so be patient.
  9. Appeal if Necessary:
    • If your application is rejected, you can appeal Amazon’s decision. Review the reasons for the rejection and provide additional information or clarification if needed.
  10. Continuously Improve:
    • If your initial application is unsuccessful, focus on improving your seller metrics and reputation. You can reapply for approval at a later date.

Please note that gaining approval to sell Nike products on Amazon can be challenging, and not all sellers are successful. Nike is known for closely monitoring its brand presence on e-commerce platforms, and Amazon takes brand protection seriously.

Additionally, Amazon’s policies and requirements can change over time, so it’s essential to stay informed by regularly checking Amazon Seller Central for updates and guidance regarding gated brands like Nike.

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